Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will Entrepreneur Network distribute my videos?

A: Entrepreneur Network publishes to and to millions of fans on YouTube and Facebook. We also have streaming apps on Amazon, Apple TV, Roku, and other VOD providers.


Q: If I join Entrepreneur Network, do I still own my videos?

A: You retain 100% ownership of your videos and give us the right/ability to distribute them on your behalf.


Q: If I’m an EN video Contributor, can I write for Entrepreneur as well?

A: Many of EN’s video Partners and Contributors also contribute written pieces to We can connect you with Editorial staff who will guide you through the approval process.


Q: How Does Entrepreneur Network help me grow my YouTube channel?

A: Unlike a traditional MCN, EN is hands on with helping you to develop your video content and brand, optimize and better monetize your YouTube and distribute your videos across multiple platforms to maximize exposure.


Q: Can I pitch an original series for Entrepreneur?

A: We are absolutely open to pitches from our Partners and Contributors.


Q: Are there events that I can attend as a Partner?

A: Yes! We arrange attendance for Partners at Entrepreneur sponsored events throughout the year and sometimes put our video partners on assignment to cover third party events/conferences/etc.


Q: How can I make money creating videos?

A: EN Partners make money on ad revenue through YouTube and We have a dedicated sales team working to align your content with advertisers. Partners who perform well are also given opportunities to create sponsored content and native videos as well.


Q: Will Entrepreneur pay for my production costs?

A: Entrepreneur typically does not assist with Partner production. In some cases, however, we will co-produce videos/series with partners, particularly if the content is being produced specifically for and our properties.